River Activities

Shenandoah River Frontage

With 3/4 a mile of Shenandoah River frontage, Outlanders River Camp (ORC) provides exciting activities for people of all ages. If you want to stay on property, we have a river access area for tubes, canoes, and kayaks and an exit area so for a 30 to 45 minute tube ride, you don't even need to leave the property. Within a short drive up river, many guests like to be dropped off at one of several public access areas to experience a longer float down river. 

If you like fishing, ORC has 2 catch and release ponds that do not require a license, and fishing on our 3/4 mile stretch of the Shenandoah River is some of the best around. See below for some of the frequently asked questions.
FAQs ~ Canoeing, Kayaking, Tubing

Q1 - Does ORC rent canoes, kayaks, or tubes?
A1 - Although we do not rent canoes, kayaks, or tubes, our check in station does have tubes, inflatable kayaks and canoes that we sell, and we have an air compressor that guests may use to inflate their river crafts.

Q2 - Are there places close by that offer river craft rentals?
A2 - Yes. Once you arrive, or when you speak with our reservation specialist, we can recommend some local businesses.   

Q3 - How long does it take to float the Shenandoah river?
A3 - To float the portion of the river at ORC, a tube ride while taking some time to splash and play can provide 1 or more hours of river fun. full and half day experiences are available by launching up river just a few miles from ORC. 

Q4 - Can we bring our own equipment?
A4 - Absolutely. ORC has a canoe/kayak rack positioned at our river access point located in the primitive camping area. We have an air compressor available for guests to use beside our campground store. Our large campsites provide enough space to store your non-motorized river crafts.
FAQs ~ Fishing

Q1 - Do I need a fishing license to fish on the shenandoah River?
A1 - Yes. The Shenandoah River is a public fishing river. We sell licenses at our campground store.

Q2 - Are there places to fish at ORC that do not require a license?
A2 - Yes. ORC has 2 catch and release stocked fishing ponds that can be enjoyed by our guests.  

Q3 - Are there fish in the ORC property portion of the Shenandoah river?
A3 - Yes. The picture above are catfish that were caught from the banks of the ORC property. ORC has some of the best fishing holes on this stretch of the river.

Q4 - Does ORC rent fishing equipment?
A4 - No however our campground store sells bait, tackle, and poles.

Q5 - What type of fish species are in the Shenandoah River? 
A5 - The Shenandoah River is known for small and large mouth bass. anglers can also catch channel cat fish, sun fish, crappie, and muskellunge. American eel, white sucker, northern hogsucker, common carp, yellow bullhead, and redhorse are some additional fish species commonly found in the Shenandoah River that anglers may encounter.
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