Who Is Butters?

Meet Butters - ORC Mascot

Early one morning in 2009 when construction had just begun on Outlanders River Camp, a faint meow came from under our tool/work shed. The campground manager Kelly and the owner of ORC's brother ventured outside to the cool, crisp spring air looking for the source of the sound, only to see a frail kitten appear, poking its head from underneath. although the kitten took a few moments to come explore the giant creatures, the two grown men realized the kitten was possibly there to stay. 

after a few days, it became evident that the only food the kitten was enjoying were bugs, so the men decided that they needed to help the little tabby gain more nourishment. They began laying food out for the hand-sized critter, and then became amazed at how quickly the kitten adopted them. 

They decided on the name Butters, and gradually began introducing him to family members and workers visiting the ORC building project. Everywhere they went, Butters would suddenly appear. He seemed to understand that he had found a home, never realizing that eventually hundreds of guests would begin to visit him weekly.

Today Butters can be seen just about anywhere on the campground. He is obviously bigger and very healthy. He's friendly, and can often be seen helping ORC guests at the campground store. 

Butters is a busy body. He believes that every guest of ORC is there for him to greet, and yet somehow knows where to find the kids. His popularity continued to grow among returning guests. He now has his own Facebook page. Butters has become the official ORC mascot. 

Enjoy your stay at ORC, and hopefully Butters will be available to those that want to meet him.   
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